What’s going on with Census data?


The Census Bureau has provided us with essential information for centuries, but we can’t take it for granted. Counting everyone is a massive effort, and while cost-saving innovations are planned for 2020, the Census still requires years of preparation – and sufficient funding.  The Census Bureau is behind schedule compared to its efforts in 2000 and 2010. Congress has failed to provide timely and adequate funding for the ramp up to 2020. It’s important that we let our Congressional delegates know that now is the time to fund the Census.


The ACS has its own challenges. It’s a survey - not a full count -  so we need everyone who is selected to participate to ensure that we get reliable data. That’s why the Census makes the survey mandatory for those who receive it. It’s vital that we learn the hard lessons the Canadian government learned when it made its household survey voluntary – and keep the ACS mandatory


How does MACS 2020 help the Census?

MACS is your link to what’s happening with the issues threatening Census data. We’re following developments on Capitol Hill, engaging with Minnesota’s congressional delegation on what Census data mean for their constituents, and mobilizing the broad community of Minnesotans who see the importance of Census data.


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