Our Mission

Our mission is to educate Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation and the public about the critical importance of census data and an accurate 2020 Census to drive a strong economy, sustain healthy communities, and improve the well-being of all Minnesotans. 

MACS 2020 is your link to what’s happening with the issues threatening Census data. We’re following developments on Capitol Hill, engaging with Minnesota’s congressional delegation on what Census data mean for their constituents, and mobilizing a broad based and growing community of Minnesotans who understand the importance of Census data.

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We promise to only reach out when we need you to make your voice heard. We’ll ask you to sign on to a letter, send a tweet, or make a phone call. That’s all we need from you to keep making sure we can continue to rely on Census data in the future. The time is now --- join us in this important work, before it is too late to ensure a high quality 2020 Census.


Several key partners join MACS 2020 in fighting for Census data.

The Minnesota State Demographic Center is home to the State Demographer, Susan Brower who serves as a crucial resource for helping counties, cities, and townships participate in the 2020 Census.

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The Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership from the Minnesota Council on Foundations is s a cross-sector collaboration of organizations and individuals working together to advocate for policies and resources and engage Minnesotans to achieve the goal of fully inclusive, honest and accurate 2020 Census in Minnesota.  They are Minnesota's primary resource for what's happening on the ground in Census advocacy.

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The Census Project is a broad-based network of national, state, and local organizations that supports a fair and accurate 2020 Census and comprehensive American Community Survey (ACS — the modern version of the census “long form”). Our participating stakeholders represent a diverse range of American sectors that rely on objective data for decision-making and promote civic engagement: business and industry; civil rights advocates; state and local governments; social service agencies; researchers and scientific associations; planners; foundations; and nonprofits focused on housing, child and family welfare, education, transportation, and other vital services.