MACS Voices represents an opportunity for Minnesota's most vocal supporters to tell you why Census data matter and how inaccurate Census data would negatively impact a wide variety of business and governmental decision making.

Minnesota State Demographer Susan Brower discusses the importance of a strong ACS for governmental decision-making.

“Minnesota’s leaders across state and local government value good data and they use the American Community Survey daily to make smart decisions,” Brower notes.

Sarah Radosovich of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce on how businesses rely on Census data for understanding Minnesota's workforce, and how immigrants are key part of the labor force picture. 

Mary Bujold, President of Maxfield Research, on how Census data facilitate economic development and how inadequate funding for Census data would hurt mid-size and small cities – where most Americans live.

Dan Dorman, Executive Director of the Greater Minnesota Partnership, on how accurate Census data are essential to his work in securing public resources for economic development in greater Minnesota.

Todd Klingel, former President and CEO of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, on how we would be “planning blind” without a reliable American Community Survey.